Thursday, 26 February 2009

Trek Abuse

For most of the winter I have had the Carrera on the Turbo Trainer, which is often (more often) used by my wife, and so removing it, audaxing on it, cleaning it and remounting it on the turbo has not been a viable option.

I have therefore used Mr Trek throughout the winter, with my old Fulcrum wheels suffering the worst of the winter crud. It is becoming apparent that the best way to wear out bits on a nice carbon fibre bike is to ride it through the winter, so I need an alternative.

LEL is a very long way, and is a self supported ride. Whilst I could attach a pannier to the frame and seat post for just a few days, this would be tempting fate and, knowing my luck, would result in permanent damage. So, I need an alternative (are you noting a pattern yet?).

Regrettably, my employer is loath to extract their manual digit and adopt the cycle scheme, so any alternative will need to be self-funded, up front.

I had, until recently, harboured hopes of getting a Dawes Super Galaxy Tourer, but the 35% increase in price/exchange rates for the 2009 model over the 2008 put paid to that.

Having spoken at length to local bike shop, I will soon take delivery of a Kinesis Racelight T frame with carbon fork, finished off with various Shimano bits (in stock therefore cheaper), rack and full mudguards. With the Fulcrum Racing 7's I already own, this will be my LEL bike.

Good excuse, then, to put the good wheels on the Trek, clean it up and remove all the Winter Audax bits, bag, brackets, lights etc.

Its a flying machine!! And I love it to bits. Again.


the E.Port Sloth said...

I've just looked up the cost of a Kinesis Racelight T frame. Definitely cheaper to go to Edinburgh by easyjet!

Datameister said...

If God had meant me to fly, I'd have been born with wings. As it was I was given a backside to put on a saddle.

the E.Port Sloth said...

does the fact you will soon have three saddles reflect the size of said backside?

Datameister said...

I'll have you know my rather svelte derriere has been sat upon the Specialised Sit Bone Measurer (known locally as the Arseometer) and been found to be merely a 'medium'. So "HAH!" I say unto you!