Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Toot Onroomay

as they say in France. Or put another way, I have a cold (actually I'm pretty sure it's fully-blown man-flu).

Either way, it put paid to all Bank Holiday Weekend activities, including our long-awaited Dean Bluebell Doddle Audax. Perhaps this was for the best, as Linda has a bad back, and would probably have come along and done it more damage. A shame, since I have been to the Forest of Dean only twice before, and it hosed it down with rain both times. Saturday was glorious, dammit!

So, no Audax yet this month, and I am now waiting to see whether I am recovered for "Everybody Rides to Skeggy" on Saturday, which (if completed) will be my first 300km ride.

I'm still undecided which bike to take to the Etape du Dales, whether to go with the Trek on the basis the last 10 miles is a pretty good time trial, or to go on the Kinesis to make sure I get as far as the last 10 miles.

On a much sadder note, the Gran Fondo Cymru has been cancelled owing to the tragic death of the organiser in a Level Crossing accident, so I have no ride on 24th. But there is a 400km Audax that day.................

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