Monday, 28 September 2009

Wonderful Welland

As a 50km introduction to Audax, my wife found the Welland Wonder 50 an excellent event a couple of years ago, and given that she is keen to 'up the mileage' we returned to the scene of the crime this year.

50's are an eclectic mix of more serious riders having a short day, inexperienced audaxers, and those just out to have a nice day out. This one was no different.

On the day we started off at a steady pace in a small group including my wife and I, her sister on her first organised event on her new(ish) mountain bike, Marmite Geoff on his first ride back following an angioplasty, and a bunch of others including a young lad name of Harry riding in the back of his dad's Freight 8. "Freight what?" I hear you asking.....see below.

Yes, it seems there are folk madder than I still at large in the community. We were right royally entertained by Harry on the way round, being tasked with remembering the entire cast of Scooby Doo (he has all the characters) whilst trying to look good as Harry brandished the digital camera at the following posse.

Towards the end of the ride we lost them briefly as the driver had to engage the 12-inch gear (two feet) up the steepest of the hills, but they arrived back only five minutes behind us.

Toward the end of the ride Elaine (my sister in law) came to realise and understand the formula of n+1. This is the formula used to calculate the optimum number of bicycles to own, where n is the number you already have. To quote "If I'm going to do a 100km event, I shall need a road bike". Another convert returns from the 'dark side'.

We both found the course easier than last time, so progress is definitely still being made, and Linda didn't 'nearly get off her bike' this time, coping admirably with the hills.

Oh yes, and the sun shone too.

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Jez Higgins said...

I didn't just have to engage the 12-inch gear, I had to engage the walking gear.

Thank you for your company. Being quizzed on whether someone was Daphne or Ve;ma probably doesn't help you keep your cadence up on a climb, so thanks for your patience with Harry. He thoroughly enjoyed his day out. I did too and riding with in your group was a big part of that.

See you again, perhaps.