Friday, 17 July 2009

Les Tours de Mercredi

A few weeks ago Chris, a work colleague and cycling friend, ran a charity ride from Stratford-on-Avon which a number of others from the office also rode.

Everyone arrived at the finish with smiles as wide as the (believe it or not) sunny Warwickshire sky, proclaiming they had forgotten cycling was so much fun.

Suggestions were made that repeats were required, and "Le Tour de Mercredi" was born. These depart the office early on Wednesday evenings for between 20-35 miles of local roads, with a (less than) optional 'refreshment' stop en route (surely we can't be blamed that the cafes are all shut by then, and only the pubs are open?)

So far, 8 people have shown up in total, in groups varying between 4 and 6 each week. My enthusiasm is re-kindled by the fun of tackling local climbs, hurling and receiving of well-mannered banter, and dropping the hammer on those who's attention strays from the task at hand.

I'm beginning to remember why I enjoy cycling again.

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