Friday, 17 July 2009

Fame at last!!

Following calls and e-mails from many people who take more notice of these things than I do, I have been out and got my "Tour de France Preview" version of that great cyclist's comic, Cycling Weekly.

Sure enough, it contains details and photographs of all the greats of world cycling, Contador, Armstrong, Boonen, Cavendish.................and me!

Somehow, and for some reason, the picture of me hitting the top of Penhallt Cliff on the North Cornwall Tor in the company of Mike Fedarb (hope you go well in the Etape mate) was deemed to be representative of why people do Sportives....."for pride, for health, for fun".

I think they got that about right, but they forgot:
1. for pity's sake, will this hill never end, and
2. for the last time, if I ever enter this event again, will somebody shoot me?

Apart from that, I am pleased to report that I was 71% successful at obeying doctors orders about my feet (I only rode twice a week) and am now back in preparation for LEL, which is now a scant 9 days off.

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