Tuesday, 8 December 2009

In search of 'Proof'

Shortly after failing to collect all of my required documentary proof, I noted from Yet Another Cycling Forum that the local Permanent Ride Convener, Danial Webb, was looking to recommend to the Audax powers-that-be that GPS tracks should be acceptable for 'proof' that a permanent ride had been completed.

Other arguments ranged from "definitely not" to "only to prove detours to add the requisite km".

Thus a plea was submitted. "Could I submit my existing receipts, backed up by the GPS track (fully consistent with said receipts) and take the GPS track as proof of visiting Stratford?"

Answer: "I'll ask."

A couple of days elapsed, and the following response was received. "Audax always look to validate rides, not to invalidate them. This should be OK".

The validated card has now been received, and it is official.

I HAVE MY 5,000KM AWARD for 2008/2009. Chuffed!!

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