Thursday, 11 December 2008

40 days and 40 nights

since my last update, but not all of it spent on my bike in the wilderness.

I pretty much expected an E-Port Sloth nag regarding lack of exercise by now, but can confirm that there have been 2 audaxes and a commute since my last post, so I am still managing to get on the bike.

Life is getting in the way, however, with late projects at work causing long hours, and everyone's Darling in Westminster changing the VAT rate just to pi$$ everyone off. There's an object example/lesson in how NOT to do an impact analysis. Couple that with much d-i-y ripping out a fair portion of the bathroom, and my posting capability has been much diminished.

I have, though, now got a secondary target for 2009. Audax UK run an annual award known as a RTTY ("Ratty"), awarded to those lunatics who complete a 200km (or greater) event every calendar month for a year. Here goes............

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