Thursday, 11 December 2008

Blackpool, be jealous

the Handy illuminations have come to town!

Following a lot of reading about LEL, I had realised that a more permanent lighting solution is needed, and bought a Schmidt Dynohub to provide power.

This was built up, at very reasonable rates, using a Mavic Open-Pro rim by Geoffrey Butler Cycles and delivered waiting for my new light. Unfortunately, production delays (yes really!) in Germany meant the light did not arrive in time for the Eureka! audax, but instead on the following Tuesday.

Having put the Dynohub wheel onto Mr Trek, I was surprised how little drag there was from it when not under load, spinning quite well for over 30 seconds. Under load, there is a lot more drag, but not more than a few watts total, so the speed decrease should be minimal.

So, what have I bought for illumination? Its called a Supernova E3, and throws out an awful lot of light for its very small size, as you can see. OK, it has to be very dark for the effect seen below, but I have already exceeded 30mph in an unlit lane and had full visibility.
'Just to test it' I also did the commute to work, 40 miles each way, the following Tuesday for 5.5 hours of exercise. The ride home was my slowest ever, but it was the first time I had ridden back completely in the dark, and there was a headwind, so I'm not too unhappy.

Nice new toy, you have to be careful how its mounted, because you can dazzle car drivers if its not properly adjusted.........but it does get headlights dipped a LOT earlier.

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the E.Port Sloth said...

Someone around my neck of the woods has one of those lights but didn't take the care you recommend regarding mounting. as a result I got a face full of searchlight down an unlit road last night. Not pleasant.