Monday, 22 June 2009

Enforced layoff

This morning's trip to the doctor was both good and bad.

No circulatory problems
No nerve damage

Soft tissue damage to toes, foot and metatarsal area

2 week course of prescription strength anti-inflammatories
Accompanying painkillers originally developed for bringing down bull elephants

2 week cycling ban until feet recovered, dammit!

This gives me the excuse to miss the Offa's Dyke Audax (which owing to the amount of climbing I would probably have failed to finish anyway) and focus on my preparations for LEL. I will try to get another 200km in before LEL, just in case I fail to finish and thus miss my RTTY.


Simon Lewis said...

Get well soon and enjoy the rest. You'll probably find you needed it and you'll come back stronger.

Karen Popplewell said...

CLIVE!!!!!!!! is that you in Cycling Weekly magazine - looks like it could have been cornwall. Somewhere around the readers lettres pages

Datameister said...

Didn't buy it this week. DOH! I'll have to take a look